Fiona: Baby Phat

This week’s girl has everything going for her. 18 years old, pretty face, fair skin, cleanly shaven pussy and just that little bit of extra goodness in all the right places; specifically, her lovely full-shaped ass. Yes, Fiona here is “pretty, hot and tempting”, isn’t she? She says her hobbies are volleyball, badminton and table tennis, including a bit of casual sex with acquaintances mixed in. You gotta love a girl who covers all the partner sports like that. Must be that “teen spirit”!

After revealing her lovely young body, Fiona lets a new friend of ours named Jeff lap at her impeccably smooth-shaven “Y”, which she seemed to enjoy despite trying hard not to show it. She clearly had some inhibitions to overcome in doing this, as you would expect most 18 year olds would. Once she hopped on that dick though, nature took over and did the rest. Funny thing, how dicks do that to girls.

Towards the finish, as Jeff was stabbin’ that pretty pink pussy of hers in missionary on the couch, you’ll see how Fiona enjoyed every stroke of it by her sexy, audible moans. That right there was enough to give even the most experienced whore-monger’s pecker a little rise. Not excluding the writer of this post himself! Enjoy the episode guys, til next week….

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