Jane: Marvelous Maiden Mating

Following in line with last week’s trend, this week’s episode features another girl I first met online; only this time, I met her through one of the Filipina dating sites, not referred from another. Her name was Jane, 18 years old, and studying at a college in Cebu. I was browsing through profiles on the site and her photo really struck me. What an adorable young lady; I had to try and talk to her!

So after making contact, and several chats and emails, we decided to meet at a restaurant one evening. Man, when she walked in that door my heart almost skipped a beat. Jane was absolutely stunning in person! What a fantastic little spinner body she had! I could hardly contain myself. Still, I had to make it through the meal pretending like there wasn’t only one thing on my mind. It was easy though, because Jane was very cool and cute and funny; and seemed to like me as well. I asked if we could head back to my hotel room for some pictures and Jane shocked me with her answer. She said, “I have an idea…..why don’t I stay at your hotel tonight?” Yes! I think I’m getting laid now by this adorable little angel! (maybe she’s not as innocent as she looks)

Once back to the room my mind was racing 100 miles an hour. I was already imagining getting off her clothes and feeling her exquisite little body all over. You know, like how chess players are always thinking 3 moves ahead; that’s how seasoned mongers do it too! What turned me on even more was that I soon realized Jane was just as horny minded as I was. For not more than 5 minutes in the room she was grabbing at my pants and down on her knees unzipping. I got light-headed upon feeling those small little hands grapple my already bulging cock. Oh my goodness was this sublime. Jane then bobbed on my lucky tool for a few moments, before further undressing herself.

That was a glorious moment when she unveiled her positively magnificent little body to me. She was wearing these sexy pink little panties that almost sent me through the roof with excitement. Her flawless skin and perky little breasts were almost too much to bear. I was in LBFM heaven right then guys. This one was stupendous! Better yet, she was all mine! (at least for tonight anyway) The sultry way she looked up at me with those doe-like eyes as she massaged my cock while I caressed her lovely tits was out of this World! It was like something out of a fantasy movie or novel. Things like this just don’t happen in real life to normal guys like us; but this was happening to me right then and there!

Even more surreal was the moment I finally burrowed my throbbing meat into Jane’s impeccable little pussy. Words. Cannot. Describe. It was unbelievable! The tightness, wetness, softness, smoothness; just everything about it was like walking through the clouds of heaven. I has the tingling, airy light-headedness while mashing through it, probably because so much blood had rushed to my nether regions for the occasion. Jane did not help me fighting back my percolating pecker-snot with her other-worldly moans of pleasure and soft cries of “fuck me……fuck me”. Oh my word! How I did not blow right then I’ll never know.

When I turned her around for dog-style, she informed me “This is my favorite position”. Can this girl be any more perfect? I mean, seriously. Jane had one of those small, yet shapely Pinay asses that was just the epitome of a pristine spinner. You could snap a photo and frame it up on the wall anytime you needed to define what a beautiful, perfect Filipina ass looks like to anyone. Being able to fuck girls like this at our age is why houses & boats get sold, fat white cows get divorced, and retirements start early. That, my friends, is the true power these incredibly sexy little women hold.

If all of her above attributes and actions weren’t enough, she dazzled in her finishing moves as well. At the moment I could hold back my brimming jizz-bomb no longer, Jane quickly turned around to kneel on the floor so she could catch it with an openly awaiting mouth. And what a beautiful little mouth it was! This was, without a doubt, one of my favorite girls of the trip guys; I think you’ll see why after you beat your way through it! Enjoy Jane and I’ll report back again next week!

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