Monica: LBFM Pride

What we mean by “LBFM Pride” is just that… Monica is damn proud to be an LBFM, even though she probably doesn’t know what the term means. But, how can she have LBFM Pride when she doesn’t even know what it means, you’re wondering? Very simple… Watch how she takes every ounce of cock rammed into her without flinching. Listen as her moans and groans flood your speakers. Witness the never ending sexual energy of this innocent looking 21 year old babe. Remember that you only find this kind of action – all exclusive, raw and purely amateur – here on TrikePatrol. Know that we do this for you, the fans… although we do quite enjoy getting our shafts waxed by these hot, sexy, young Filipinas haha. It’s all about the fans!

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