Ashley: Crazy for You

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So I traveled down to the city this past week to do some shopping and sightseeing. It’s quite difficult to keep your head on straight while so many cute & sexy girls are walking in front of you everywhere. I’m usually good about minding my manners, but when I saw Ashley walk past me in her adorably sexy plaid skirt and white blouse I could not resist following her. I first followed on trike, then on foot into the mall, where after looking around she seated in a small café for a drink. She had definitely noticed me watching her a ways back, and was a tad bit alarmed at first, calling me crazy. Yes, I was crazy. Crazy about her!

After a little soft-drink and some chit-chat, she quickly warmed up to my charms and away we went back to the hotel I was staying at. On the way there, she let me catch a glipse of what was underneath that cute skirt of hers. Oh boy was it sexy! A nice, white
lacey panty. I could not wait to get her back to the room. On the street, Ashley looked like the innocent, proper type, who would not do this sort of thing with a stranger. But once we got behind closed doors, she was all freak!

She skillfully sucked my then-throbbing cock, lustfully played with her pussy and moaned graciously as I plowed her beautiful little pussy under that plaid skirt of hers. Her sexy body was small yet curvy, and her soft cries of “Ohh Fuck” had me on the verge
of cumming throughout the entire episode. She let me finish on her out-stretched tongue and licked the remnants off her fingers at the end. When you see this girl in action, you’ll go crazy too.

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