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If you’ve followed us here at Trike Patrol for any length of time, you know we don’t always get the “model caliber” Filipina girls. Some of you appreciate that brand of “authenticity” as opposed to the air-brushed, plastic-enhanced, cosmetically endowed, American-born “Asian” girls trying to be passed off as the real thing.

This week’s episode illustrates what I’m saying perfectly. Yes, Grace is no super-model, but she is an honest-to-goodness genuine Filipina whom even you, joe-tourist, could meet just about anywhere while vacationing here. If you have ever visited, then you know what I’m saying. Meeting girls like Grace here, although not “stunning”, are part of what make the Philippine experience what it is. Oh, and most times the less-than-stellar looking ones give it up a lot easier! What can I say, I’m too lazy to work for the stunners sometimes, haha.

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