Shantal: Fast Food Feed ‘n Fuck

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After getting out of my trike from the hotel, I met a pair of cute LBFM’s an that jeepney park area across from the strip. Looking like they had nowhere in particular to go, I asked if they’d wanna join me for some Happy Hornet fast food. Why of course they would, and judging by how skinny they were, it looked like the needed a good feed anyway. I love me some spinners!

So they ordered some burgers (or “boor-jers” as they pronounce it), and chowed down at every Pinoy’s favorite fast food joint. I was hopeful that giving them meat now would result in giving them MY meat later. The one in the tank-top seemed more keen for some action, so we headed straight back to my room to get it on, where she told us a little about herself first:

Name: Shantal
Age: 20
Boyfriend: just broke up “yesterday”
Province: Surigao
Hobbies: watching TV, playing badminton
Sex life: good
Fav position: 69

Then this little tart got naked for me on the bed and oh, what a nice little package she was. A real spinner if there ever was one! Then she stripped down further and danced to some bar music. Who needs the fucking bars, guys? Have you own dancers right in your hotel room and cut out the greedy middle men!

Once I joined Shantal on the bed I was rarin’ to get into that sweet little pussy of hers but first she blew on my cock a bit and I have to say it was pretty damn nice. Some good knob-slobbin’ action and she even took it pretty deep a few times. Then she got ontop of me in reverse cowgirl and I go to admire her tramp-stamp art while feelin’ that wet lil’ cooze slide up & down on my pole.

Laid her down on her back, or what I call, assuming the money-making position for them, and plowed that Pinay pussy some more. Next, some doggy which is always a crowd-pleaser, and Shantal seemed to enjoy that one also judging by her moans. But seriously, we’re not here to make sure the girls get off; they have Pinoy trikedriver boyfriends or butch tomboy girlfriends for that—–we’re here to enjoy our holiday and cut as many slices of Filipina vagina as possible. If they enjoy the poking we deliver, so be it, if not, I got mine.

Next, I sat on a chair and had Shantal straddle me for some more riding. Grasping her lovely round brown little ass as she bounced on my dick was delightful. Pure unadulterated pleasure for an average, hard-working man. This is why we come here gents. It’s really quite simple.

So like any good hard-working fellow should, I finished up by depositing my workload into her quivering wet box, but only about half-way down so the majority of it could ooze back out for you creampie fans. I think someone on this site once proclaimed, it’s all about the fans, isn’t it. I let you see a little bit of Shantal rinsing off her fine LBFM spinner body in the shower too at the end. Enjoy another night-in-the-life here in LaLa-land guys…..what a wonderful place!

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