Diana: Small But Terrible

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Diana is your typical shy while talking but total nympho when the cock comes out… I’m serious. From the time we spotted her on the side of the road, in the trike, and even back in the comfort of our hotel, we could barely get her to talk very much at all… and when she did say something, her voice was almost as quiet as a mouse scurrying across the floor in search of cheese…

Anyhow.. it’s a good thing we run a porn site and not a talk show because this girl definitely provides. What’s more is she’s very petite, quite cute and handles the cock like a pure pro. Whether it’s devouring it down her throat, riding it like a true cow girl, or taking it from behind, Diana absolutely loves it all! Ad I can all but promise that you will enjoy watching her just as much as she loves fucking. Don’t miss this one guys… just don’t.

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