Diana: The Cum Guzzler

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This week’s girl has that special quality about her. And by special quality, I mean the load-swallowing kind. It’s not every day you run into a girl like this fellas. Dressed to fuck, Diane walked right up on us while bird-watching in the mall this afternoon. There was NO way we were letting her pass us by. Her tight-ass body in that white mini-skirt and heels was a rather simple sign telling us this girl was all about servicing some foreign stranger cock.

We got something to eat before moving to the action, and it was none too soon for Diana here. This girl was such a freak in heat that she was actually teasing us with the chicken bone while we finished up lunch in the mall. She kept saying it was for her “Dougie”, whoever that is.

When we finally got her back to the hotel, it was full-on hardcore action almost immediately with this live one. Her white t-back showcased that lovely ass and pussy just perfectly while she teased a bit. Then she sucked and fucked like the wanton harlot she is until forcing the hot, sticky prize into her waiting mouth. Did she spit or swallow? Do I even have to tell ya?

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