Jill & Ashley: Pussy Begets More Pussy

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In life, when it comes to pussy-getting, it is usually “feast” or “famine”. When you’re on top of your game, you’re slaying it and can’t keep the pussy away if you try. When you’re not, well, you’re just not. Dry spells hit everybody from time to time. However, here in the Philippines, any resemblance of a dry spell is quite rare. On the other foot, when you’re on fire, you are scorching hot. It seems like the more you get, the more comes your way.

Today’s episode illustrates that perfectly. I was enjoying an afternoon blow from Ashley (“Crazy For You” from a few weeks ago) in my hotel when I noticed a sexy looking girl down at the swimming pool. I pointed her out to Ashley and wouldn’t you know it, she said she knew the girl and they were friends. I thought to myself, this afternoon could turn out even better if I had both of them to play with. So I asked Ashley is she would go ask her to come upstairs and like a good playmate, she went right ahead. She added, “She’s a naughty girl also”. Perfect!

When she arrived, Ashley introduced us and her name is Jill. She had a very naughty look on her face too I must say. It was not long before the both of them were at their knees in front of me, and what a sight that was! There’s nothing quite like two horny Filipina babes sucking your cock at the same time. Everyone should experience that really. Then they went into action with each other and wow, was that hot! Kissing, licking each other’s pussies, and letting me fondle and play with them all along. While one was eating the other’s snatch, I was inside the other’s pussy from behind. If you asked me, I could not tell you which pussy I enjoyed more. They were both very tight, yet soft and wet around my dick. I was in pussy heaven the entire time. This is definitely one afternoon I will not soon forget! Once you watch it, neither will you.

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