Kiana: Super Slim Slam

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Following the trend from last week, I spent more time online this week chatting up potential conquests. Only this week, I spent less time on the Cyber-sex webcam sites and more time on the “dating” sites. On those, you will find a wide variety of Pinays, most of whose main purpose for being on there is to link up with a foreigner for any number of reasons. Quick sleazy cash, long-term support, love, marriage or any combination of those things.

I’ve also found success just networking through the many layers of friends on the everyday sites like Tagged and FB. It’s really too easy now with the internet at your disposal. I’ve had conversation with some of my tourist monger friends and they’ve all but cut out the bars from the equation when it comes to planning their trips. A common method is to line up as much free (well, almost free) pussy as you can while you’re away, then see who shows up once you’re here and pick & choose from there. And as a last resort if none of them pan out one night, the bars are a quick Trike ride away for something to select and smash.

Bottom line is, these days, you never have to go without pussy here unless you want to. So this past week I met this skinny girl named Kiana on FB. She was a friend of a friend of a friend I think. I noticed her profile pic and she had that ultra-petite skinny frame I crave, so I trolled her with some photo comments before she hit me up on the FB chat asking who I was. That’s when I gave her my YM so we could chat with webcam and she seemed happy once she saw me. Guess I’m not that grotesque looking after all. She was funny and very down-to-earth so I figured I’d try my luck at setting up a date.

In another example of Home-Field Advantage, Kiana was surprised and happy to hear I was already in town and we could actually meet right away in person. As I pointed out last week, while many of these girls pretend to dream about “Mr. Right”, they will more oft than not jump at the beckon of “Mr. Right Now”. Fortunately, I was that guy in this case involving Kiana here.

So we planned to meet for a dinner at the Lucky Chinese restaurant, which is pretty fancy by this shithole town’s standards. I got there a little bit early to get a booth towards the back. Didn’t wanna be up front by the big window where everyone passing by could see my business. When you’re a sleaze-bucket of my calibre, you’ll know what I’m talking about. How many times have I mentioned how small this town is?

So I see this skinny legged girl in denim shorts out in front of the restaurant and wasn’t sure if it was Kiana at first. She was standing there texting and looking around as if waiting for someone. Then she turned to enter and I saw it was her. I was happy she looked prettier in person as she approached. On the cam it was dark and her hair was up; she honestly didn’t look great but I fancy fucking anorexic looking chicks so I proceeded with lining up this date anyway. I’m glad I was wrong about my initial impressions of her then. She really was a cuter looking girl in person you’ll see.

So we have our first somewhat awkward hello’s and she sits down across from me smiling. She wasn’t as uncomfortable as you’d expect a young girl meeting a strange foreigner for the first time to be, which probably says she’s done this before. That’s ok, so have I. I will say she did come off smarter than the average slag around here, which made for semi-nice conversing with. We got through the ice and had an enjoyable meal together, during which she agreed we would do some “photo-taking” later. She even mischievously hinted at some possible monkey-business too; I kinda liked this girl. For a night at least, haha.

After dinner it was out into the thick night air with that unmistakable aroma of 3rd world squalor hitting you as soon as you open the door. So of course we followed that up by hopping aboard some 3rd world transportation for our ride home. When our trike let us off at my pre-arranged short-time hotel, I was fairly confident this date was going to end how I wanted.

Just after Kiana changed into some other clothes she brought with her, we got down to some photography as talked about. But it was none too long before I couldn’t help myself from expressing how horny I was getting looking at her skinny legs and ass. There’s nothin’ like a young Asian girl’s petite little frame to get a guy my age all amped up and ready for action. I was boiling over at this point.

Sensing this, Kiana let her help her clothes off and also touch her small, yet large nippled, breasts. Then I liked and kissed them. Then, I moved lower, til finding her sweet, naturally haired love box. I ate her pussy til it was flowing with juice, then she returned the favor by softly sucking my cock. Then, it was time for what I’d been waiting all night for. To poke my bone into that slim framed skeleton of hers; it’s fucking bodies like these that make a man feel like King Kong. Heavenly!

Kiana whimpered softly throughout the sex; not one of these completely silent girls, but not a screamer either. When you’re ready to blow, you’re just ready. And it was soon time for me, so I burrowed my dick as deep down into her snug little cooze as possible and pulsed my ropes of glory all up in there. I pushed it so damn deep into her vulva, that I wasn’t sure if any of it would make it back out for the camera. But a few seconds later I was happy to see a little white trail of tears ooze out of her now gaping Southern territory.

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