Nikki: Braces and Boobs

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This week’s selection was a funny little thing. Nikki here was friends with Alexa from a few weeks ago. Alexa had spread the good word and Nikki wanted to give KB a try for herself. She was sportin’ some funky colored braces on her teeth and a lil’ extra around the waist, but her nice full tits made up for most of it.

Since KB is not one to turn away a young piece of pussy, he did the deed happily as ever and was even pleasantly surprised to the performance Nikki turned in. The smooth, shaved pek-pek didn’t hurt either. (that’s “pussy” in Tagalog if you didn’t know)

Nikki was as fresh and as amateur as they come. You can tell quite plainly by her reaction to KB’s load getting shot across her face at the end; definitely a first for her! All in all, not a bad episode for another week on Trike Patrol.

Nikki: Braces and Boobs 3.52/5 - 31 votes

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