Rosemarie: Jug Factory

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As I’m sure you’ve already noticed, this week’s chick is packing some impressive chest cushioning. These are the type that make you wanna get on your knees and BEG for buttermilk. When I first saw her, I really thought they were implants because they just look so big & silly on her.

While Hammer and I were on patrol through the city one afternoon, we spotted her on a street corner all by herself. You will also notice how almost Caucasian her facial features appear to be. She said it was because she had some “Spanish” in her. I didn’t know about that, but once she agreed to the Trike ride, I knew she was about to get some “J-Reg” in her.

The puss was surprisingly snug for a girl screwing complete strangers off the street; I even had to slow things down a little to avoid cumming too fast. I didn’t wanna let the fans down with too short of an episode. You’ll probably like seeing those big natties swinging all over the place during the action—–I know I sure did. Enjoy this week’s episode guys, and remember: Always be kind to Trike drivers!

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