Sheila: Shy on the street

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I guess I was still passed out from the night before, or getting my cock sucked on blow job row…but for whatever the reason, Bruce decided he wanted to do another trike ride without me. So him and his buddy Rick who just got in town grab the camera, grab a trike and go out on patrol. Now it’s obvious that it’s Ricks first time operating the camera (maybe first time EVER operating A camera, haha) but somehow these goof-balls came across a HOT piece of Filipina ass and SCORED one for Trike Patrol! I mean, a smokin’ hot chick! I don’t even know where the hell they went to find her, ‘coz I still don’t recognize the streets in the video. It looked like another backwoods Filipino neighborhood without many foreign tourists around. This chicks name was Sheila and she was oh-so-cute with beautiful eyes and a great smile. You guys should like her too. She said she’s from Cebu which always seems to have some of the best looking Filipinas.

Anyway once they talked her into getting in the trike and coming back to the room, it didn’t take much coaxing to get her clothes off and to get her working on Bruce’s dick. If you thought she was cute outside, wait til you see how cute she is with a cock in her mouth. I almost fell in love myself right then when I watched it. She rode “the hammer” pretty well too.and you get a close-up view of her neatly trimmed puss while she’s doing it. And then when Bruce turns her around for some doggy’ll see just what a nice brown ass she has. Mmmmmm, good! There’s nothing in this World like a perfectly shaped Filipina ass. And what’s so fucking cool is that average joes like us can have as many as we want in a place like this! I have to admit, these guys did pretty damn good without the mastermind (me) there to direct the action, haha. The only part they screwed up on was not getting her phone I could call her later! Fuck! Oh well, I guess I’ll have to get back in the trike again myself.

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