Sonja: Real Filipina Housewife

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You know about all those so-called “MILF” websites featuring all those surgically enhanced Southern California porn stars, right? Well this week on Trike Patrol, we’re bringing you and honest-to-goodness Filipina MILF named Sonja. Waiting out an afternoon rain storm at the hotel, the guys spotted her sitting by herself across the pool. It was the last day of Zack’s thrilling vacation so they took a chance and approached her.

I really wish they could have caught some of their initial dialogue on cam, but it didn’t work out. Sonja here is a genuine, mature Filipina housewife who is married to a foreigner always away on business. She was waiting on a younger girlfriend of hers to go shopping at the mall nearby until Zack approached her with a risque proposition.

Surprisingly, Sonja revealed to us that she already knew all about Trike Patrol. Her and her husband had nearly every boot-legged DVD volume that was sold on the streets there for 30 pesos a copy. Well didn’t we feel dumb at that moment? But then she shocked us even more by saying she always fantasized of doing a porn video and her hubby would be absolutely delighted if she showed up on Trike Patrol!

She didn’t need to say anything else at that point because despite feeling exposed, we then knew it was game on with the confidently sexy woman. Once the action started, Sonja proved once again why experience outweighs most all else when it comes to sex. She masterfully gobbled Zack’s cock and then showed how a lady fucks like she means it! We try to provide something for everyone here on Trike Patrol each week. If you love Filipinas and you love mature women, this REAL Filipina House-wife should satisfy both penchants for you.

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