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What’s better than an afternoon of pleasure from one sexy Filipina Lesbian babe you ask? Why, an afternoon of pleasure from TWO sexy Filipina Lesbian babes! It’s been awhile since we’ve had a threesome on here, but that’s exactly what our friend Joe experienced on this week’s Patrol. You may remember the Big Tits Filipina from a few months ago as Tina. Well, we found her again, only this time with an older friend named Weng. We also learned her name is in fact “Tia”, not Tina. These girls with the accents sometimes throw you off.Read more

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So I traveled down to the southern city of Cebu this past week to do some shopping and sightseeing. It’s quite difficult to keep your head on straight while so many cute & sexy girls are walking in front of you everywhere. I’m usually good about minding my manners, but when I saw Cebu office girl Ashley walk past me, I could not resist following her. Her adorably sexy plaid skirt and white blouse just drove me insane!Read more

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Did you know Pinay bargirls can be picked up while motoring along in an Angeles City tricycle? This is exactly what I did on this occasion. So I’m out riding around when I see this cute little thing in red inside a trike in front of me. She looked back at me a few times with her gangster grill flashing in the sun. She was giving me the eye so I decide, what the heck, and pull up a little closer to see what was on.Read more

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As much as I love this dusty little town up here, I decided to run down to the City on Saturday night for some Manila bar girls action. There’s just something about the bright lights of a big City that can inspire you. Maybe it’s an overall sense of “opportunity” in the air. In my case, it was the opportunity to find myself in a meat market of hot-2-trot Filipina pussy. And with any luck, hopefully a tattooed spinner as that is my current preference these days. The night started with dinner at a Baywalk restaurant.  I was catching the many maganda smiling faces passing by as I ate. That was just a warm-up for later because my next stop was L.A. Café. This place has been re-named a few times now, but it’s basically one-stop shopping for guys like us. No Trike Patrol necessary.Read more

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Sometimes we find Filipina XXX video girls that present at least a slight bit of a challenge corralling into the sack. Stella here was not one of those girls. She is a 27 year old Manila freelancer that is ready to fuck almost anyone at the drop of a hat. Calling this spinner a professional would not even be accurate. She is at another level or promiscuity that even goes beyond most of the Filipina Babes we pick-up.Read more