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The Ass Licking Asian Patrol:

An Ass Licking Asian teenager caught on video? When you’re part of a notorious band of Filipina teen whoremongers in the Philippines, you get to experience just about everything. You also quickly learn that the shadows are your friend. Amongst the shadows, you can lurk and creep along unnoticed and unseen, until that perfect moment presents itself. That moment when you notice a fresh piece of LBFM pussy toddling along aimlessly like a naive young antelope lost from it’s herd. It’s a primal human instinct I tell ya. No, we didn’t invent trolling for pussy in the PI, of course not; but we like to think we’re perfecting the craft. Or having fun trying at least.Read more

Pinay teen girl gets creampied in my vacation video

Teen Girl Gets Creampied:

Despite wanting to try and film earlier in the daylight hours for optimal light conditions, the Trike Patrol camera is always at the ready should an opportunity arise that a teen girl gets creampied. While observing the street activity down below my hotel room the other night—-a “balcony patrol” if you will—I noticed an interesting looking girl in what appeared to almost be a white maternity dress walking up to a small snack stand. What was interesting about this girl is that she appeared almost Caucasian looking from a distance, so of course I had to scurry downstairs to get a better look.Read more

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With Tight Filipina Teen pussy being key focus on the morning of this episode’s Trike Patrol, I arose early and was looking through past episodes contemplating how I go about things. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s nice to film in the morning, if I can find girls, because the natural light at those hours is much better for the final product you see here. So this morning I went for a walk around one of the area’s I’ve had luck in before and, sure enough, quickly noticed a cute looking girl just sitting out on a front porch alone. I went over to talk to her and she was shy at first. Her English wasn’t the best, but she was still friendly, as most Filipinas are.Read more