Hot Pinay girl drinks, smokes & enjoys white penis in Manila

The Hot Pinay Girl Patrol:

Nobody said the Hot Pinay Girl mongering lifestyle was a healthy one. 3rd world traffic hazards, booze-filled barhops, second-hand smoke, and over-indulgence on strange pussy can lead to all sorts of problems—–but man, is it fun! Sure beats the hell out of watching reality TV back home on your sofa in the “civilized” world. Mr. X knows this more than anyone and last weekend was yet another episode in his real-life reality TV series from the streets of the Philippines. He meets up for some drinks with a hardcore type he met downtown earlier. Her name is Shandi and she’s a smoker; in more ways than one. This well-formed 27 yr old city girl is all business once they get back to X’s hotel room and that’s just the way he likes them. After all, we’re all like-minded adults here, right? Who has time for anything less?Read More


Angeles City bar girls love to fuck sleazy tourists on camera

The Patrol:

We show all kinds of Angeles City bar girls here on Trike Patrol, don’t we? Chubby Filipina girls, skinny ones, light ones, dark ones, young ones, old ones. We pride ourselves on being probably the only equal opportunity puki poachers in the Philippines. For certain, we have never been accused of only going after stunners. In fact, quite the opposite. If there’s one criticism we routinely hear, it’s that we should have more hot young girls here. While we don’t totally disagree with that, we do usually mention the harsh reality of things here to those critics. This ain’t Southern California or Eastern Europe, my friends. Finding, fucking and filming a girl in the Philippines has it’s own unique complexities that are seldom found elsewhere.Read More


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