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In this latest Philippines Porn Video, Jonas was in the company of a good lady-friend of his and the topic of his clandestine cunt crusading for Trikepatrol came up in conversation. To his surprise, the girl said she would actually love to see him in action one time, and so he had her tag along on his next pussy perusing jaunt down by the bay. He had nothing but a good holiday creampie on his mind.Read more

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Anyone who has ever been to the Philippines trying to shoot some Filipina Fuck Video action knows that they go nuts around Christmas. That period of nuttiness spans much longer than most places in the World. Yep, Filipinos start the Christmas season in September or thereabouts. No kidding. If you find yourself there during any of the months ending in “‘ber”, you will undoubtedly see holiday decorations and hear Christmas music wherever you go. I think it’s pretty extreme myself. But then again, they go to the extreme on a lot of things there; like fucking strange foreigners they just met in the street for instance.Read more

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It’s amateur facial time on Trike Patrol once again, fellas. Our friend King Baliw is back in the PI searching for more willing puki just waiting to be fucked. What he didn’t expect, was to run into a familiar fuck, er…face, from FIVE whole years ago! On a rainy Pampangan afternoon, he was out at a local shopping center. There, he spotted a super cute girl standing around waiting. He moved in for the kill and started talking. Just when things started to look promising, another girl appears out of nowhere, excitedly accosting him. Well, it was none other than Nikka! She was from a patrol he did no less than FIVE years ago. The other girl, as it happens, was her cousin. I’ll tell you up-front that KB fully intends to get her another time. Perhaps a hot amateur facial is in order?Read more

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Longtime Trike Patrol member and patrolman apprentice Steven was back in the Philippines once again for some new Asian facial adventures. On this hunt, he found a lovely looking young Filipina in the middle of an enclosed park’s courtyard. Pretending to be lost, he asked where the nearest exit to find a trike was, and this friendly smiling babe was more than happy to give him directions. Before leaving, Steven got her name (Princess) and mentioned his hotel was not far away.Read more

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We love seeing our Trike Patrol disciples grow over the years. It’s a wonderful joy to watch everyday average joes give their hard-working middle fingers to societal “norms”. To travel to The Philippines on exciting, young Filipina pussy-getting adventures—and film it for the World to watch! That’s what Trike Patrol’s all about. It is what it’s ALWAYS been all about!Read more