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The Patrol:

What is it about a busty Asian girl? They just drive men insane, don’t they? Something about a sweet Asian beauty with huge tits gets my engine going every time I see one. King Baliw knows exactly what I mean since he frequents the land which arguably boasts the biggest tits in all of Asia. That’s right, our favorite Filipinas probably have the largest sets of mammaries per capita in the Eastern hemisphere. Something to do with their Spanish blood I assume.Read more

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The Patrol:

Ah, The Philippines. A land of so many contradictions. Largest Catholic population on Earth yet a short-time hotel on every corner. Filipina Babes that act shy and innocent in public yet are cock-crazed sex demons in bed. Girls that you would expect to have naturally hairy pussy have pornstar shaved ones and vice versa. So many things here are not what they first appear; and despite how mind-numbingly frustrating that can be, we wouldn’t have it any other way.Read more

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TrikePatrol at its Best

Trikepatrol has several patrolmen hunting the streets of the Philippines in 3-wheeled motorbikes. Like Batman, there have been many different occupants of our siren-snaring, cooze-crushing sidecar. From the strange-snatching stranger who brought us some really exciting trikepatrol episodes lately, our mysterious Patrolman has once again snared a new piece of Filipina snookie.Read more