Real-life Filipina lesbian, 25, reluctantly admits to enjoying male relations on occasion; later does so in vivid hotel recording by tourist

If one thing’s for certain, it’s that we take all cummers here. In the spirit of recent current events, Mr. X brings us a true-blue Filipina lesbian pussylover named Alexis this week. Met at a popular eatery hangout place in the City, this still-firm-bodied 25 year old makes no qualms about her love for snatch over cock. She matter-of-factly describes how much she enjoys pussy so, but does admit she likes the odd penis once in a while to mix things up. Well it turns out it was Mr. X’s lucky day, because this genuine clit-licker had the urge to get stuffed with a tubesteak and had no problems keeping the camera rolling to capture it all.

A fairly nice body with great medium tits in particular was unveiled and then some pole-smoking ensued. For a Pinay that normally only dines at the Y, this dyke wasn’t half-bad at cock-sucking either. But the real interesting part was how much she enjoyed getting her pussy plowed with man-meat, despite her favored sexual inclinations. She was really vocal about how much she liked it, and while many girls fake things, I think I believed her. After a hot sticky load was dumped on her ass-crack at the climax of things, she toweled off in the CR before heading back out into the big wide world of LBFM pussy that is the City streets there. Before leaving, she talked of another hookup w/ Mr. X should she get the urge for cock again. From what I’ve been told, that did happen a few days later and she was just as horny as you saw here!

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