Apple: Young Natural

This doe-eyed cutie you see before you is Apple, who was introduced to us by her friend Ashlee (Long & Leggy) from a few weeks ago. You see, when we’re in town, the word gets out and spreads all through the “Bamboo Telegraph”. I almost can’t keep up with the amount of text messages I get while I’m here. Apple is 19 years old and somewhat new to foreigner cock. To loosen her up, her friend came along to provide (im)moral support. No problems there. I don’t mind an audience. You know what they say: “You shy, your dick stays dry!”

There was nothing dry about Apple’s cock-sucking abilities. While she could have gone a little deeper, she chowed on my dick like it was some big stick of food and let it get all nice and slurpy wet. We put her in a sexy little outfit with fish-net stockings for effect, hoping it might bring out more of the freak in her. She got into a bit with some self pussy rubbing, and what a nice fresh little pussy it was too! Natural tufts of beaver hair peeking through those panties. Very tasty looking indeed.

I bent her over the bed for some doggy sex, then fucked her sideways lying down. Her pussy was quite ripe and I could tell it hadn’t been stretched out by too many dicks yet. Probably just a local Pinoy boyfriend or two was all. I plowed her in missionary before blowing my load all over her nice, flat young stomach. That’s one of the nice things when they’re this young….no stretch-marks or flabby bellies. I think the average Filipina diet contributes to those things before too long. Way too much fatty meat, salty snacks and sugary drinks. Maybe if they stuck to a strict diet of “white meat”, they’d stay trim and sexy like young Apple here a bit longer. She had her fill of that today, that’s for sure!

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