Ashley: Sweet Young Treat

For any sort of experienced PI monger, hearing that unmistakable melody of a Filipino ice-cream cart should immediately alert your puki-poaching radar. If there’s one thing most LBFM’s love, it’s sweets, and nothing is better on a typical hot Philippine afternoon than a nice cold popsicle or ice cream cone. So if you follow the sound of that pedi-cab driven dessert-mobile, you are almost always sure to find a worthy cock-candidate or two close behind.

As most of you know by now, our resident whorist John Tron is quite the pussy trapping extraordinaire, so we didn’t even have to share this valuable piece of wisdom with him. A man of such experience knows most of these cunt capturing methods already and he was out to prove it once again this week. Upon recognition of the ice-cream chimecycle’s tune, John switched on his patrol cam and scanned the area. He noticed a pair or young ladies who had just perched on some steps across the park to enjoy their cold icy treats.

When he approached and said hi, they were quite bashful, but smiling. They were certainly as cute a pair as he had hoped for when he saw them from afar. Their names were Ashley and Angel, 19 and 18 respectively. After snapping a few pics and explaining how he was a traveling “photographer”, John asked Ashley about coming back to his hotel for a more “in-depth” pictorial.

Ya see, young Filipina girls love posing for photos almost anywhere and don’t need much of an excuse to do so. So when a, ahem, professional photographer invites you for a photo-shoot, you don’t turn it down. They love the thought of having cute & sexy “glam” photos to show off to their friends on facebook and whatnot. As Billy Dee used to say, “It works every time!”

A short trike ride later and they landed at John’s local cum-quarters, er, photo studio. Ashley was a bit giggly and awkward at first, definitely somewhat new at going to hotels with strange foreign men she just met still; I’m sure she’ll get over that soon enough. She still has the innocent girlfriend look about her, but with a certain mischievous curiosity in her eyes at the same time.

Before she knew what happened, John had her down to her pink little peace-signed panties and those didn’t last long either. After a quick trip to the CR, Ashley was now fully nude and ready for further examination from our philandering friend. A close inspection of her neatly trimmed box followed, along with some wonderful bed poses on all fours. The latter emphasized Ashley’s lovely round butt, as she arched her back for John’s cam. You see, most girls, even younger inexperienced ones, want to feel sexy and be naughty, but it’s our job to bring that side out of them.

I think most of us can agree John Tron is an expert when it comes to getting the best from a girl, no matter what her initial inhibitions might have been. And by “the best”, I mean those soft pink pillowy folds of inner and outer labia between her thighs. And as far as labia goes, not many could be softer or pinker than those of Ashley’s here, as John would so happily enjoy with his salivating tongue a few moments later.

Not wanting to be ungrateful, Ashley returned the oral favor herself on John’s pulsating pecker. And it wasn’t too bad for a youngin’; she’ll only get better as she ho’s. By this time, both of them had enough of the foreplay and were ready for the main event. That being, John stuffing his weasely mutton-dagger deep down into Ashley’s unbelievably snug schlong snare. When you get ’em this young and this fresh, that pussy is just breathtakingly tight.

After several pleasurable positions, Ashley really started to get into it while in doggy. Which is great, because she’s got the perfect ass for it. Seeing that tight round teenage butt of hers as she moans while getting pumped was about all even John Tron could take before infusing her tender insides with a creamy sub-vaginal eruption. All that was left to do from there was capture the inevitable jizz flow bubbling out of her as she sat upright. Not too bad for what was supposed to be an innocent little photo-shoot!

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