Baby-faced Pinay teen is cute…..but FILTHY! Filmed in vulgar, salad-tossing tryst with pervy white man

When you’re part of a notorious band of internet whoremongers in the Philippines, you quickly learn that the shadows are your friend. Amongst the shadows, you can lurk and creep along unnoticed and unseen, until that perfect moment presents itself. That moment when you notice a fresh piece of LBFM pussy toddling along aimlessly like a naive young antelope lost from it’s herd. It’s a primal human instinct I tell ya. No, we didn’t invent trolling for pussy in the PI, of course not; but we like to think we’re perfecting the craft. Or having fun trying at least.

While slithering through the dark side of the street the other night, I spotted—–no, smelled—–a pair of Pinay youngin’s disembarking from a Jeepney. Even through all the traffic exhaust and trike dust, the alluring scent of two Filipina teens out for a night on the town is unequivocal. I don’t know what they use exactly, but that super-fresh fragrance they give off gets my pussy-hound nose pointing (among other things) every time.

So I crept out of the shadows and crossed the street to go meet them. As I closed in on them like a flesh-seeking predator, I soon noticed the taller one was familiar looking. How’s that for shooting fish in a barrel? It was none other than my quarry from last week’s episode, Ann. We said our hello’s and she introduced me to her cute little cousin, Fhae, who really peaked my interest immediately with her spunk and charisma.

Ann said they were going to eat, so I basically invited myself to join, which to them translated into a free meal; something not many girls in this country will ever turn down. We found this outdoor local place nearby and ordered some Korean food. While waiting, Ann told me more about her cousin Fhae. She’s 18 years old and only “slightly” naughty, but not as naughty as her. We had some awkward laughs due to our respective language barriers, but it was a delightful time with two charming young ladies. What more could a guy ask for? Ok, I’ll answer that.

A guy, especially a hopeless puki fiend such as myself, could ask for a lot more actually. And that was precisely what I proceeded to do after our meal. As it turned out, Ann said she couldn’t join me this evening, and while a threesome would have been nice, it was Fhae’s unconquered cunt frontier I was really hankering for anyway.

Once Ann sped off in a trike, it was then only Fhae and I, on our way back to my short-time hotel, or the “boom-boom room” as I like to call it. This little cherub was so sweet and adorable I just couldn’t wait to get into her goodies. Even though only 18, I never let these girls’ young years fool me. They know exactly what they’re doing and they’re damn good at it thank God. She didn’t come with me to discuss politics or science, so once I began groping her pert little breasts through her tank-top it was off to the races from there.

You’ll see what I mean as Fhae grabs my cock and starts wanking and sucking. Is this the cock-stroking methodology of a vestal virgin? Most certainly not. Nobody is born knowing how to work a penis like that fellas. As cute and nubile as she is, Fhae was not your innocent neighborhood maiden. Nope, this was a young lass who’s already made her rounds on the ol’ bone roller-coaster a few times. That, and played plenty of “Whack-a-Mole” also judging by her dick-beating technique.

But there is one thing you can’t teach or learn guys, and that’s “18”. You can’t teach “18”. An eighteen year old pussy is unrivaled and unparalleled in the realm of all things sexual and satisfying for a man. There’s something that changes in a woman’s vagina around 19 or 20, and it never goes back. If you’ve had 18, then you know what I mean. If you haven’t, you’ll just have to take our word for it. You can teach a girl to suck cock a different way, or to stroke it a different way, or to try different positions, but there’s one undeniable, unshakable truth and law of nature: You can’t teach 18.

There’s only one way I can even attempt to describe the feeling of Fhae’s pussy on my cock. You ready? Listen closely: With a hard-on, take your stronger hand, apply some lotion or lube, and clench it around your penis as hard as you possibly can, squeezing harder and harder until you can’t squeeze anymore. Then, trying to jerk off but keeping the same level of pressure squeezed on it. Now you have only an inkling of an idea of what Fhae’s 18 year pussy felt like in this video. Only an inkling I tell you. It’s an amazing work of natural art. God made this for us to be happy. I am convinced.

I honestly could have blown my load within the first 3 or 4 strokes, but that would make too short of a Trike Patrol episode, and I always have the fans in the back of my mind. Thus, I held out as long as I humanly could you’ll see, and managed to fuck that clasped little snapper in a number of different positions before no more holding back was possible. When the waves of pecker-snot did cum, I buried my tool as deeply in that tiny cramped box of hers and coated those ultra snug insides with it all. Another week, another creampie. Such is life here in Philippines for a TP crew-member.

If I hadn’t fully learned the lesson in all my mongering years prior, Fhae here definitely reinforced it. Without a shadow of a doubt, there’s one thing undeniably certain in life: You can’t teach 18.

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