RAW FOOTAGE: Brown-skinned single mother from Manila, 20, indulges in video-taped vaginal (mis)adventure just months after pregnancy

Back in the sidecar this week, with another fantastic Philippines experience documented for you on camera. It’s KB again, scooping up a typical, but delightful, LBFM with a nice dark complexion and a beaming smile. Meet Dolly, a 20 year old single mother (aren’t they all?), who has a great personality and fiery sex appeal. After a short bio, the King jumps in bed with her for the real fun to start.

I don’t know about you, but I love these rich, brown-skinned gals. That dark flesh just exudes sexiness and the way the pink of their pussies contrast with it just puts me over the edge. Dolly here, definitely had that and a lot more going for her. You can tell right away this is a Pinay who enjoys her sex. Not a shy timid one.

She’s a moaner too, as you’ll notice when KB starts eating her puki. She sucks a good cock too, and when he finally got inside that perfectly shaved brown snatch of hers, we see her real horniness come out. Her body is excellent as well, and that’s saying something for a chick who just plopped out a kid a few months ago. Dolly’s best feature, by far, is her lovely thickish brown ass. Really one that begs to be slapped and fucked from behind. KB does just that in this vid, and then some, before he pulls out and delivers monstrous load all over the aforementioned phenomenal rear end.

Good shooting! Good Patrol!

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