Che (with Charm): Claim Staking

“Shy MILF Pussy…..the final frontier….
These are the voyages of the infamous Trike Patrol……
It’s continuing mission:
To explore strange new pussies….
To seek out new blow jobs, new fornications…
To boldly go where no foreigner has gone before!”

Yep, that’s pretty much how I felt with this one. After weeks of texting and pleading, I finally got Che to agree for a meeting. It wasn’t easy, lemme tell ya. She doesn’t speak great English first of all, and secondly, she kept saying she was “shy” and she was “nervous”. I called up Charm and asked for her help. Thankfully she delivered Che on a plate a few days later. Ok, not on a plate, but at my door.

It wouldn’t have happened without Charm’s assistance. Che was extremely apprehensive about the whole thing since she had admittedly never been with a foreigner in her entire life. She’d gone through life hearing all the rumors, seeing relatives and friends hook up with foreigners, and undoubtedly wondering what it was like. Well today, it was time to find out for herself. I just happened to be the lucky white guy who got to explore her natives-only pussy for the first time. I was positively stoked about the notion for a while now, despite it being touch & go for a few weeks there.

One caveat that presented itself unexpectedly though was this: Che would only let me fuck her if Charm was involved too. Hmmm, let me think about this one: I can be the first foreigner to tap that ass but only if I get to fuck another girl at the same time along side you? Have I mentioned how much I love these women recently?

So they showed up and we chatted a bit; I informed her that she was actually voted the favorite in our member’s section poll out of the 4 girls from our previous lunch meeting. She giggled nervously about that. I don’t think she quite understood what it meant. No matter, it was time to get to what’s good and she what this little Momma was cookin’ with.

As I expected, Charm led the way by taking out my cock and putting it in her mouth first. Che then followed by slowly mouthing it herself…seemingly testing it out…..clearly measuring her first taste of a white foreigners dick.

Next, I got her to unveil those sweater kittens I knew she was hiding and lordy were they nice! These were some full-busted gonzagas, with rather large, perky, brown nipples. I savored every handful I could get of them!

When it was finally time for me to inject my meat-seeking pissel into her matronly womb, I felt a sense of explorative excitement rush over me. I was the first white man to go here. Like discovering the West Indies or stepping onto the Moon, this was something special and a fine tribute to all pussy frontiersman before me. Everyone has their own little place in history, and this 7 inches of fleshy, Filipina birth canal was now mine!

Stay horny, my friends!

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