Happy-go-lucky Chubby Filipina, 19, jumps in Trike w/ tourist for sex video

Duke is back in the Philippines once again—he just can’t seem to stay away. We know the feeling. That places does take a hold on you like no other. All those cute, smiling girls totally open to being approached and spreading their legs a short while later. Whether they are petite, medium or chubby Filipinas, who can resist such a place?

This time, he approaches a slightly chubby Filipina by the name of Sally walking down the main tourist strip and things go swimmingly from there. This heavier-than-usual Pinay played coy initially, but lumbered her ass into a trike bound for Duke’s hotel just a few steps later.

During her intro back at the hotel, it was clear that Sally’s English was a bit below par, but it made for some comedy at least. Being a more chubby Filipina, she described her “fat pussy”, mixing up the F and P as many Filipinas always do. She has also some extra meat up top with ‘dem tits; something we’ll never complain about around here. After a wet n’ soapy shower it was time for the action.

Only 19 years old and not a stunner by any stretch, Sally still has a bit to learn about giving head, and fucking in general for that matter. A chubby Filipina girl who ain’t the prettiest in town won’t last long unless she can make up for it with her performance. Hopefully some of her friends who have been serving up pussy longer can lead her in the right direction in that regard.

Still though, as the saying goes: A bad day in the Philippines is better than most anyplace else. Can’t argue with that when you’re getting your balls drained by a 19-year old with nice tits; fat Pinay pussy and all!

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