Asian Cum Dump in the heart of the Philippines

(This model was 34 years old at the time of filming)


Asian Creampies are a big hit among Asian Cum Dump fans. Before you even get that far though, there are so many little nuances about the mongering game in the Philippines you need to know. One of them is how you just never know quite know the status of any girl you come across. They range from unabashed, hardcore hookers to sweet and innocent vestal virgins to everything in between. Sure, you can make your assumptions based on outwardly appearances to an extent. Sometimes, the line between one extreme and the other extreme is surprisingly grey.

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This week’s Trike Patrol Porn was somewhat like that. There’s always girls standing and walking around everywhere. There’s always the possibility that you’ll find one into a cum dump is very good. The “bargirl culture” is so deeply ingrained into everyday life here. That, and the fact that you see so many half-breed Pinays walking around is just more evidence of Asian Creampies occurring quite often.


Basically, a girl hanging around waiting to snare a foreigner for a “short time” sex session. In many cases, it’s bar girls trying to make an extra pesos after work. The practice is not as common as it used to be. But that is what it appeared with Ashley, she was on stand-by. She was pleasant enough and I just needed a quick nut. She did confirm what I had thought about her.

We got down to business and the sex with her was just what the doctor ordered. A nice, smooth, clean-shaven LBFM pussy to play with and fuck. What else could a horny guy bored with the bars ask for on an otherwise uneventful weekday evening? Just find a stand-by girl like Ashley and tap that puki to you fill it with cream like I did at the end here. Asian Creampies don’t get much creamier than that, my friends!

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