Beautiful Filipino girls like this are why I visit the Philippines

(This model was 33 years old at the time of filming)

The Patrol

While watching all of the many beautiful Filipino girls and having a nice cool mango juice at an outdoor café near a shopping center this week, I noticed a Filipina Spinner prancing past a nearby water fountain. This girl was quite fine looking; well-dressed, with the lighter skin, slim waist and long sexy legs. Her jet-black hair was down to her lower back and I quickly zoomed in on her with my trusty Trike Patrol cam to get a better look.

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Oh yes, this girl was great looking. She had a dollish, model-like face which most men crave. So I jumped up and briskly walked over to her while she stood watching the fountain. I said hello and she smiled back and responded apprehensively at first. Invited her back to my table for a drink and she was ok with it. Her name was Anabel, 19 years of age and even more beautiful up close. I got her a juice and talked a bit more, noticing she seemed kind of “ditzy” and aloof. No problem for me. In fact, it was actually sort of a turn-on. She became more relaxed and said she didn’t have anywhere to be, so I figured we could continue getting to know each other over some food. Where do you take a Filipina you just met to eat when you want her to feel at ease? Why, Jollibee of course! So we had our cheap fast food and talked some more, becoming more and more playful and flirtatious with each other. She still seemed pretty air-headed, but again, that was A-ok for me.

The Pick-up

I asked about retreating to my hotel together and she by that time was undoubtedly fine with it. We joked about boom-boom earlier, so I felt this was a girl who would be easier to lay than first appeared. Never judge Pretty Filipina girls by their cover. After finishing up the fried chicken and spaghetti, we hopped aboard my favorite method of transportation for a ride back to the room. Once in the hotel, with the natural light coming in, you could really see how beautiful Anabel was. Just a pristine and fine-looking young lady. But what did she look like underneath those clothes? That was the burning question I had been asking myself all afternoon. She laid down on the bed where I could begin touching and caressing her gently, eventually revealing her nice, pert little breasts and lifting up that dress to pet her leopard-printed panties.

The Beautiful Filipino Girls Body

I got a little short of breath once all her clothes came off. Standing back and looking at her perfect, petite body almost made me faint. Oh my, what a lovely, long, lean torso and tight looking snatch area. It was a glorious sight to behold as you will soon see. With a beautiful Filipino girls body this nice, I wonder if the pussy matches? Only one way to find out and that’s by burying my pussy-seasoned tongue into that thing! Oh my Lord, what a perfect, I mean PERFECT, little pussy Anabel has! It’s like eating some kind of fancy high-end restaurant meat after you’ve been only eating Jollibee burger patties for a while. An absolutely delectable, pristine slice of female flesh! I devoured it like it would be my last meal it was so good. Whew!

The Finishing Moves

Anabel returned the favor, although I’m not sure my ugly white man-dork tasted as fine to her as she did to me. Nevertheless, she offered me a fairly good Filipina Blowjob for a girl of her looks. Sometimes it’s the most beautiful Filipino girls who give the worst head in my experiences. I’ll have to admit, the actual fornication with her was not the best I’ve had of late; she was quite silent and emotionless, letting me do all of the work basically. That’s another common trait of the better looking girls. They seem to feel as though all they need to do is “show up” for sex because of how good looking they are. Regardless, I still enjoyed stabbing that soft, perfect tight pussy of hers from as many angles as I could. In the end though, as my Filipina Creampie showed, I kept in line with one of my favorite quotes regarding your choice of women in life: “Keep ‘em young, dumb and full of your cum!”
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