Big breasted Filipina gargles with my cum

(This model was 29 years old at the time of filming)

The Patrol

The scene here in town, and all around the country for that matter, seems to be trending more and more towards mongers engaging in what I like to call “Sexual Networking”. Sure, guys still come to visit the bars and find big breasted Filipina girls there. However, they almost always have girls they’ve met on the internet on “stand-by”. That is, having girls ready to fuck at a moment’s text or instant message notice.

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There are several popular meeting points online for guys and girls. From the cyber-sex webcam sites, the Filipina “dating” sites and the social networking sites that everyone uses—–it’s a virtual singles club out there if you know how to use it. Some guys are even cutting out the bars entirely. They are tired of the hassle and time required. Therefore, they are basing their entire visits around their stable of internet chicks they’ve established online through various resources.

The Big Breasted Filipina

This week’s episode highlights these points exactly as I met one of these sexy big breasted Filipina Babes named Vanessa on one of the popular Pinay dating sites. A few webcam chats was all it took to get a “date” lined up with her. These girls are mostly bored and they just sit around and wait for things to happen. So a “date” with one of them could mean anything from just dinner and movie to a full fledged sexual romp. It is usually something in between that is much harder to define or put a label on. One normally comes away wondering what it was that just happened. Was that a nice date and fuck with a pleasant young lady (whom you may have “helped out” a bit with some pesos afterwards) or something else? The line is so grey in the Philippines. Maybe that’s why we love it so. So I met Vanessa downtown for eats and dancing. She was a little shy at first, or played the part well at least. I guess she didn’t expect me to be carrying a camera around. She was dressed to kill in a body-tight colorful leopard-print type of dress, which accentuated her nice slim but Busty Asian figure just perfectly. The cleavage was just to my liking also. After a few drinks she described herself as just “tipsy” and that’s when the fun began. I don’t know what it is about alcohol that makes women enjoy sex more, but Vanessa really got into it and savored every inch of my cock inside her soft, hairy pussy. I didn’t expect her to do what she did with my cum at the end. Naughty girl, Vanessa. Very naughty.
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