Filipina bargirl Cristina loves casual sex with strangers

(This model was 37 years old at the time of filming)

The Patrol

When it’s crazy hot and sunny like it’s been here lately, you either wanna be in your hotel room fucking a Filipina bargirl or relaxing in the hotel pool. The last place you wanna be is walking around outside in a concrete jungle with trike & jeepney exhaust fumes sticking to your sweaty clothes. Jonas knows this all too well by now so he headed for the nicely chilled mall on base. Not only is it a retreat from the harsh Philippine sun, but it’s always a haven for pussy just waiting to be had.

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Inside you’ll find all types of girls. Hardcore Filipina bargirl types wasting away their salaries on excess clothes & make-up, somewhat innocent college student types hanging out with classmates, bored honey-ko’s picking up and blowing their foolish sponsors money remittances, and everything in between. Almost all of them are approachable and open to the possibility of a gentlemanly foreigner making their acquaintance, which can result into a simple phone number swap, a friendly meal together or even a full-on spontaneous bumping of the uglies on the very same day. Jonas went in hoping for the latter of course.

The Filipina Bargirl

After strolling around a bit to cool off, he flipped on his cam when he noticed a Filipina bargirl looking type walking solo ahead of him. Based on experience, these are the ones most apt to jumping in the sack with you right away. They fuck for a living anyway, and they’re very casual and familiar with foreigners. They’re also alone, which means none of their friends will see them go with you. An off-duty bargirl type is always looking for that next score, no matter where they’re at. They’re just so auto-programmed to be flirty and loose with guys that they have a hard time switching it off. If you’re attentive and opportunistic, it’s very easy to cash in on this trampy lifestyle of theirs when you notice one outside the bars like this. Jonas approached her from behind and said hello. She was very matter-of-factly about the whole encounter almost like she was expecting it to happen at some point during her window-shopping spree. Mongers and bargirls have a special spidey sense for each other. They know the other when they see them, regardless of the setting. He then invited her to go eat something and as almost every Filipina I’ve ever met, this girl was not about to pass up on a free meal.

The Interview

After getting their hands into some fried chicken and rice, the topic of what to do next came up and Jonas made the suggestion of a visit back to his hotel room. This gal responded with a naughty smile to the affirmative and away they went. Back on the drag and up his hotel steps, he finally got her where he wanted her and began with the bedside interview: Name: Cristina Age: 27 Kids: 1 Hobbies: None, but likes to fuck Favorite Position: None, because she does all It was pretty clear we had quite the horny one on our hands here, but when Jonas had her strip on the bed and begin touching herself, it was like she never masturbated before. That makes perfect sense though; who needs Filipina Masturbating when you’re taking miles and miles of cock on the regular? This raunchy 27 year old Filipina bargirl fucks so much dick she never has to worry about flogging her own twat with her digits. I’m sure she feels when there’s foreigner penis to be had, AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT!

The Filipina Bargirl Action

But she gladly accepted Jonas’ wandering fingers while she gorged on his ready-hard pecker. I guess that chicken didn’t quite fill ‘er up because this girl was still huuuunnnngry for the birdmeat. If you thought her mouth was fiendish for it, wait til ya see how her pussy was. That horny brown snapper of hers was clamoring for the cock once Jonas began stuffing it in there. Doggy, standing, riding, reverse cowgirl; she was right earlier, she loves it all! It’s nice to find a girl who shares the simple joy of fucking as much as we do. The only thing Jonas had left to do was withdrawal and blow his load on the upper parts of her trimmed pussy area and mommy midsection. Nothing like a sticky mess of bodily fluids to bring out the smile in a girl……………..and smile she did!
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