Filipina Trike Patrol Meets Cute Bubble Butt Teen

(This model was 26 years old at the time of filming)
When you’re out on a Filipina Trike Patrol, you have one thing on your mind. Finding a warm, wet LBFM hole to stick your penis in and out of until it explodes with cum. If you’re anything like us, you don’t much care for finding the perfect 10. After all, you’re not looking to get married to her. You’re not worried about how you will be judged by others. Beyond the initial street meeting and trike ride home, you’ll likely never be seen in public with her again.

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Nope, all you care about is enjoying the soft innards of a reasonably Pretty Filipina you just met. It’s that simple really. It’s something on a primal level. The cock wants what it wants. Some will be hotter than others. Nothing is equal in life. What should be equal however, if the opportunity for an average middle-aged man to get his dick in something fairly nice looking whenever he wishes. Thankfully, The Philippines provides such opportunity better than almost anyplace else. You didn’t think we were here all these years only for the fine cuisine and interesting culture, did you?

The Filipina Trike Patrol

No purveyor for prime pek-pek knows this better than our lead patrolman, King Baliw. The King prides himself on snaring some of the hottest pieces of Filipina ass presented on this site. That said, he is still an ardent supporter of the idea that any pussy is better than no pussy. Fortunately for us this week, KB didn’t just find any piece of ass on his latest Filipina Trike Patrol. Oh no, he found us a lovely teenaged piece of ass. Meeting Celine here at a roadside cellphone stand, the likes of which there are thousands of all over these islands, he shows us precisely why we’re still at this Filipina Trike Patrol game for 11 years running. Quite honestly, because it’s so damn easy and fun. As we’ve said on this site before, getting pussy SHOULD be easy and fun. Only in the Western “civilized World” are men made to humiliate themselves and throw away any semblance of masculine dignity in order to fulfill the need to get laid. A need, I should point out, that is existential to a human beings overall health and well-being.

Meet, Eat and Meat

Some cute shy glances in his direction was all the invite he needed to come forth with his approach. After she made her cell phone selection they were off in a trike together. Celine is cute as a button with a sweet, innocent look about her. King made a quick pit-stop at a Jollibee on the way back to the hotel. He knew he was going to smash this little hottie for a good long while so a good feed was in order. Nothing like a Jollibee meal to get a 19 year old Pinay in the mood. A free ride and a free meal? How could she resist? Once back in room it was time to attend to the business at hand. Celine got on the bed and began teasingly removing her cloths. Flashing her cute little panties, before finally taking off her 1-piece dress altogether. What a fantastic set of boobs this teen had! Lovely firm hooters of the perfect handful-and-a-half size. They was complimented by a fabulous round bubble-butt, which she shook up and down for us repeatedly. All of that was outdone by one of the most perfect, pristine pussies I have ever seen. A shaved Filipina pussy of this quality is hard to come by gentlemen. It was one to savor and savor King would.

You can’t teach 19

But not before a short, uninspiring blowjob attempt. Hey, she’s young, she’ll get better. Nobody is born a good cocksucker. Besides, a poor blowjob can be overlooked with such a fresh young beauty to feast on. Speaking of feasting, and despite just having eaten, KB gorged himself on that impeccable pussy of hers for a good 5+ minutes. After having his fill, he then lowered the boom on this young lass. First massaging her outer labia with his penis head, then slowly but surely penetrating an extremely snug little vagina hole. There’s something to be said for a pussy aged just 19 years with no kids and very little cock mileage on it. That something usually sounds like “Ohhhhhh godddddddd, fuuuuuuccck, that’s good.” Blurting out similar expressions, The King went on to stretch out Celine’s pussy like it has never been stretched. You could tell by her “stiffness” that she was getting a probing like never before. While girls like this who are not fully “broken in” may not be the best lays, there is absolutely no substitute for the ultra-tight gripping feeling on your cock. Her tenderness notwithstanding, Celine took this stuffing as well as she could. She even turned in an admirable cowgirl performance. Bouncing that round teen-aged bubble-butt of hers up and down on KB’s pole with great rhythm and vigor. Surely, the 15 minutes of stretching out paid off and she was ever so slightly able to better receive The King’s thrusting rod. Especially once turned around with her phat round ass facing him. He slammed away at her supple young soft bits from the back which led to the inevitable streams of joy splattering all over her rear and ribboning down her now-swollen pussy lips. Now THAT was a Filipina Trike Patrol!
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