Lesbian Filipina caught on camera savoring white penis

(This model was 33 years old at the time of filming)

The Patrol

Happy Friday guys. The business of today is from our long-time Patrolman Mr. X. In this latest offering, he filmed the real-life lesbian Filipina, Alexis, once again. If you remember from her first scene, White Dick for the Dyke Chick, this true-blue pussy-lover sheepishly admitted to enjoying penis now and then.

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Well that was then and this is now. This fervent rug-muncher truly does savor cock when she gets it; even if she does have a hard time admitting it. Hey, it’s only natural. A penis goes into a vagina. It’s not rocket science. This real-life Pinay Lesbian wasn’t much on small-talk this time thankfully. The sexy black lace panties came off quickly and she got right on with the business. She probably had lesbian Filipina girlfriend drama on her mind, but once Mr. X unleashed the peen on her, she got lost in the moment and showed us once more how much of an occasional dong-demon she really is.

The Lesbian Filipina Action

While X pumped away at her well shaved Filipina pussy, Alexis’ eyes can be seen rolling back into her head. One must wonder if she’s reconsidering her chosen lifestyle. I’ll be she dreams about getting dicked down like that far more often than she’d admit. An LBFM with such a nice, petite bod and accommodatingly wet pussy should be batting for the right team full time if you ask me. Of course I am biased. It being the natural way and all.

The Finish

Nevertheless, Alexis took this hetero-fucking episode like a champ and allowed Mr. X to dump his healthy sized load of birthing gel all over her abdomen. After all, an alternative lifestyler wouldn’t want to get caught preggo, now would she? Just goes to show, you can self-identify as whatever you wish, but if you’re a Filipina on Trike Patrol, you’re getting DICKED right in your fucking pussy!
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