Mochi Mona Shows Pro Skills In Sticky Action

(This model was 25 years old at the time of filming)


In this situation, our horny stud is filming somewhere in Los Angeles and finds himself at a local tennis court. That’s right, who would have thought Filipinas could be found slapping around balls at the tennis courts? Lucky for us, Chuck couldn’t help but notice Mochi Mona. Truth is, he wasn’t sure if she was even half Pinay. As the big question came, Mochi shares that she is indeed half Filipina. In addition, Mochi agrees to a little friendly match of tennis while Chuck multi-tasks serving Mochi up some balls while the camera is on the other hand. Well, lucky for us, tennis balls aren’t the only balls that Chuck will be serving Mochi!

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Fortunately for Chuck, Mochi Mona agrees to transfer the fun elsewhere. These two hop in the car and head to Chuck’s SoCal studio. While in the car, Mochi shares that she is currently in a long-distance relationship. Though she is happily in love, her mixed-Asian twat is indeed in need of some big white cock attention. As they make their drive to the studio. Chuck gets a glimpse at Mochi’s pretty pink nipples and gets the pleasure of touching them! At this point, it becomes obvious where this is going! As things heat up, Mochi parks the car and treats our stud to a lovely blowjob. Afraid that they will be seen, the time has come for these two horndogs to rush to the studio!


Upon some sexy talk, Mochi Mona steps into the batter’s box and is ready to swing away with this thick baseball bat type of a dick! Sure enough, once Chuck’s cock is in her sweet spot, Mochi goes wild on it with an expert blowjob performance! Talk about a professional bat swinger, right? Afterward, Mochi gets her trimmed pussy slapped in multiple positions. No doubt, she is loving every stroke and poke at her tight twat.

Now for the money shot! Mochi Mona makes it obvious that she wants cum all over her face. In fact, she wishes to suck the cum right off Chuck’s cock. With that being said, Mochi gets on her knees, slurps, and strokes this hard cock then awaits the freshly produced jizz. As this cock is ready to pop, Mochi takes every possible drop onto her pretty face. Not to mention loving every second of it! Some girls love cum, some don’t. I think it’s safe to say that Mochi Mona sure does! Talk about a well-earned Asian facial!

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