Wet Asian squirter SOAKS the hotel room when she cums!

(This model was 35 years old at the time of filming)

Wet Asian Pussy

Just when we thought we had seen everything imaginable in Filipina Porn here , something crazier happens. There are wet Asian pussies and then there are what Betyna has here. This is as rare as it gets my friend. But first, it’s preceded by a rather damn good episode. Meet Betyna, a cute 21 year old Filipina cam girl that Bill and Jonas got into their hotel room for a shoot. This girl has a certain sweetness about her, despite flogging her wet Asian pussy in front of a webcam for a living. You’ll see what I mean in a bit.

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Jonas joins here in the hotel bed with just his jorts on. Then, he whips out his sizable Euro cock for Betyna to behold and she seemed moderately impressed. Not to waste time, this sexy, thick-bottomed gal grabbed a hold of his hooded-rat and began stroking it hard. Once done, she stuffed that bad boy in her pretty mouth and started hoovering.  And boy, does she know how to hoover. This is a real vac-u-suck gal if there ever was one. She takes that fucker down deep into wet Asian throat and pushes even further still. Fantastic deepthroater skill on this babe.

The Action

Next, this Big Ass Filipina gets those thick thighs of hers above Jonas’ body and starts riding. The sensuality on this Pinay unit is scintillating to watch. Closing her eyes with concentration, she rotates her hips around with that cock inside her with voracious lust-filled power. Her nicely shaved Filipina pussy slamming down harder and harder as she goes. Then Jonas turned her around on her back and started doing the plowing himself. Her jiggly parts bouncing to and fro the entire while. Moaning louder and louder, Betyna’s wet Asian pussy was growing ever nearer to its climax. With her big beautiful ass bent over in front of him, Jonas then proceeded to slam the fuck out of her from behind. Harder and harder he went, increasing the temperature of that steamy, moist love-pot. This was a girl who enjoyed sex and wasn’t afraid to show it. She was reaching down under herself and flicking her clit while Jonas kept on stabbing. Her moans growing louder and louder all the while. Again, turning her on her back and stuffing that lively wet Asian pussy from the front, Jonas did all he could to prime her up for the main event.

The Breathtaking Moment

Feeling sufficiently heated up and gooey, Betyna then rolls over and does something unprecedented here on Trike Patrol. Something so rare, most men will never experience it in their lifetimes. She turns over, pushes Jonas away, and starts feverishly finger-banging her own cunt. Jonas meanwhile, is resorted to stroking his own dick and caressing her boobs in the background. Harder and harder she goes, ultimately rubbing her clit in a cyclonic motion until her entire body starts to spasm and an eye-popping amount of spurting, shooting lady jizz sprays all over the hotel bedspread and floor. Glory be! It’s the elusive, reclusive female ejaculation and we caught it on camera right here on the world’s most famous Filipina porn site. It’s not everyday you can find a true, honest-to-goodness wet asian pussy squirter here in the Philippines, but we found one. Just one more notch in the Trike Patrol belt. A wet and slippery notch for sure!
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