Cute & friendly Filipina gets huge sticky facial from stranger met in park

Longtime Trike Patrol member and patrolman apprentice Steven was back in the Philippines once again for some new sticky facial adventures. On this hunt, he found a lovely looking young Filipina in the middle of an enclosed park’s courtyard. Pretending to be lost, he asked where the nearest exit to find a trike was, and this friendly smiling babe was more than happy to give him directions. Before leaving, Steven got her name (Princess) and mentioned his hotel was not far away.

A sparkle in her eye said all that needed saying, and away they were in a trike just moments later. As with most Pinays, Princess was rather reserved and quiet on the street but once they got behind closed hotel doors, it was playtime and the chances for a sticky facial ending seemed promising! She eagerly grabbed ahold of his cock through his shorts and began rubbing it ready. After undressing herself she started sucking this stranger’s penis while he held the camera just inches from her pretty face. Yeah, that escalated quickly, didn’t it?

All of the aforementioned was just a precursor to what would follow. When Princess got that dick inside her perfectly shaved pussy is when the real freak in her came out. She was definitely not shy about her love for penis in her puki, as evidenced by her sultry, indulgent moans. Even better was when she climbed atop Steven and controlled the fucking herself. From curbside to bouncing on your dick in less than 10 minutes; that is the kinda girl we love here! But would she love a sticky facial cumshot as much as we do?

Getting hammered sideways and then from behind were all great for Princess also, but what really put the icing on the cake was the face-covering shower of cum Steven splattered all over her. For you sticky facial lovers, this is an epic creamy, frothy face covering for the ages, and Steven films it all close-up, as it oozes down her pretty nose, cheeks and mouth!

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