Dark-skinned spinner in mini-dress hunted down in traffic; given a lift that ends with savage rear intake stuffing

So I’m taking a break from the dusty shithole town up North for awhile this week, much like Mr. X. did last week, when I noticed this dark-skinned lil’ spinner walking across the busy street in traffic. I quickly switch on my patrol-cam, which is always at the ready, and scurry on after her through the honking cars and motorbikes.

She was wearing this tight little black & white striped dress and walking so damn fast I had to jog to catch up with her. She wasn’t the most beautiful Pinay I’d ever seen but I have a thing for these petite ones with dark skin and shoulder-length her so I gave it a go. Her name’s Jacki and she’s 23 years old, residing here in the Capitol also. Again, not the most maganda (pretty) up-close, but a tight lil’ body and devilish smile which excited me.

We were walking in the direction of my hotel already so I sheepishly asked if she would be interested in accompanying me there for a short detour. Considering Jacki’s freelancing, streetwalker type of look, I didn’t think it was too far out of a request. Her quick, smiling answer proved me to be right. I love it when I’m right; especially about new pussy-getting.

Once in the room Jacki knew all too well how to proceed. I snapped a few pics of her in a couple different poses before presenting my cock to her face. This streetwise LBFM serviced me with a pretty good snarlin’ BJ; good rhythm and lots of slutty eye contact.

After prepping it with my tongue a bit, I stuffed my way into her fuzzy brown sausage wallet and man, was it good. Have I told you how much I love strange new pussy? There’s something overly-thrilling to me about putting my penis inside the honey hole of a girl I just met minutes earlier. Jacki seemed to enjoy my strange cock inside her just the same. A good energetic little fuck she was, bouncing up and down on my shaft with a smile.

After throwing it to her in doggy position a bit, I decided to take a stab at her poop chute and shovel some mud. Out of this fucking WORLD man! Remember this important life rule: The only thing tighter than an LBFM spinner’s puki is an LBFM spinner’s pooper. It’s like a fucking vice grip, holy shit was it good! I stuck it back in her vagina for more conventional fucking until I let loose with my pulsing ropes of jizz-o-frizz deeply up inside her. I think you’ll agree, the sight of it all oozing out of her hairy gaping love-goblet is epic!

Advance Happy Halloween you guys, and hope you find a nice little penis gremlin like this outside your front door too!

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