Familiar Filipina picked up roadside once again; gives eye-popping display of oral & anal debauchery!

Ok guys, hold onto your cocks for this one. It’s as wild and raunchy as it gets around here.

Remember Sasha? The “Skilled Sausage Swallower” KB brought us a year or so ago? I’m sure you do because she was one of the best cock-suckers ever to grace the pages of Trike Patrol. This was a truly talented, well-practiced blowjobber who wasn’t shy about that fact in the least bit.

Her wet warm throat seemed almost endless in its depth and elasticity, taking down ALL of The King’s girth with very little straining. I read in a Great Book once that “the mouth of a woman is a deep pit.” Those wise words are no more true than for Sasha here. It’s quite an eye-popping thing to behold when this vixen gets to work on a penis.

If you look at that past update, you can see how popular she was by all the comments asking us to bring her back. (Just so you know, we read those comments and take them to heart)

So we told KB be to keep an eye out for her and, as luck would have it, he found her on the side of the road one night on his most recent PI visit. We were ecstatic when we heard this, and after seeing what she does in her second video here, we have no doubt you will be too.

I personally think Sasha looks even hotter this time around, with a new hair-style and a certain increased sexiness that only comes with natural maturity. But her improved looks are not the only thing that makes this vid blow her debut out of the water. This vivacious, lustful 22 yr old doubles down on her previous level of lewdness and raunch. Oh, of course she still knows how to chug down a dick with beautiful artistry and salivating pizazz, but that is only half of it.

After some digital and oral priming from the King, I dare say she fucks much better in this edition. She takes & rides the cock well from all positions, with clear pleasure & unhinged carnality. But the real proof of her added bawdiness is, well, in the pudding. ASS pudding that is! Oh yes boys, Sasha takes KB’s long hard one up the poop-chute, and doesn’t think twice about. I must say, this has got to be the most intense anal episode ever recorded here.

Unlike Thailand and other parts, finding Pinay’s who will assfuck is quite challenging. That is why we have so few anal shoots in our inventory. But leave it The King to improve that with a sensational example of Filipina fudge-packing at it’s best! He really ravaged that tight brown asshole of hers and one has to wonder if Sasha’s walk will ever be the same.

But did he stop there? Oh no, not The King. He did what any true Trike Patrolman worth his salt should do when finding himself enjoying the rare gripping depths of an LBFM’s anus. What is that you ask?


Holy shit is that FILTHY! What til you see the brown-tinged white goo oozing out of Sasha’s pulsing butt-hole while she’s left gasping for air from the plundering she just received. This is a top-3 episode of all time, for me.

Enjoy this one guys, it’s an instant classic! You’ll probably laugh, cry and wince your way through it before nearly jizzing all over your keyboard like I did 😉

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