Gangster grill wearing teen chased down in high-speed trike ride for sex video in Angeles City

What an afternoon this was! So I’m out riding around when I see this cute little thing in red inside a trike in front of me. She looked back at me a few times with her gangster grill flashing in the sun. She was giving me the eye so I decide, what the heck, and pull up a little closer to see what was on. She seemed open to my advances so I thought this would be a perfect time to issue one of my Trike Patrol “business” cards. I’m John, the newest member of the Trike team, but very experienced with snatching up Filipinas in these parts. Among other methods, I use business cards with my cell number on them to pass out to the girls I meet and then let them come to me. With some much pussy running around, you have to get creative.

So after a short while, the texts start coming in from Corina. Later that afternoon, she meets me at the hotel for a nice cool drink under the umbrella table. Corina is 19 years old and sports a funny, yet cute, metal mouth brace or something. I’ve seen them worn by other bargirls, and not sure if they are for orthodontic purposes of merely “style”. Maybe they’re imitating the American rap music artists with their “grills”? Who knows, I am European so I don’t care about such things. However, I do know a lot about sexy Filipina girls and Corina is one of them.

After a little bit of play outside, we head up to my room for the real fun. Corina strips down and plays with her nice little pussy for me, the lets me in on the action. She performs excellent oral before letting me penetrate her hot little box. These are the types of afternoons that make this place magical. For all of its faults and shortcomings as the dirty little shit-town it is, when you can meet a random gangster grill wearing girl in the street, exchange cell numbers and have hot sex with her hours later, it more than makes up for anything else and there’s not too many places I’d rather be!

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