Daddy would be proud! Half-Aussie Filipina, 18, with cute smile & braces filmed acting all “grown-up” with older foreign man

Despite wanting to try and film earlier in the daylight hours for optimal light conditions, the Trike Patrol camera is always at the ready should an opportunity arise. While observing the street activity down below my hotel room the other night—-a “balcony patrol” if you will—I noticed an interesting looking girl in what appeared to almost be a white maternity dress walking up to a small snack stand. What was interesting about this girl is that she appeared almost Caucasian looking from a distance, so of course I had to scurry downstairs to get a better look.

Fortunately she was still at the little food stall so I was able to make my way over to her while she was waiting for her snack. Wow, she was very pretty up close, and definitely had some foreign features about her. Much lighter skin and different face than most Pinays I find. Her name was Ann and she had cute braces on her teeth implying a certain innocence when she smiled. I walked with her a few yards and asked her if we could do some photography in my hotel just there. With a wide-eyed smile she said yes and up we went, just like that.

Once under the light in my room I was really taken aback at how “white” she looked, and asked if she had some foreigner in her. She said yes, her father was Australian, so that explained it. What this beautiful 18 year old darling may or may have not realized at that moment was that she was soon to get a little more foreigner in her, haha. So I snapped a few obligatory pics, trying to pretend like that was all I really wanted, but quickly decided to go for the jugular and inquire about boom-boom with her. Still smiling sheepishly, Ann nodded in agreement and I begun peeling off articles of clothing.

The sight of this Caucasian looking girl nibbling on the head of my cock was quite breathtaking and ultra satisfying on a number of levels. You see, it’s been a while since I partook in any sexual activities with women of my own ilk, and while I don’t fancy them for a plethora of reasons, this soiree with young Ann here fulfilled some sort of strange, twisted urge for a resentment-fueled fuck with a white girl. Odd, I know, but those were just some of the mixed feelings I was having as she was licking my balls and tossing my salad.

Even Ann’s pussy didn’t look like a typical LBFM’s. It was “taller” and “pinker” you’ll see, but indeed just as good once my cock was inside. And get inside I did, for as long as I could hold from cumming, in a number of very satisfying and pleasurable positions. After plowing this cute 18-year old’s minge for a good while, I finally let the guy-geyser burst up inside her and then had her sit up on the bed so it could seep out of those soft pink folds of hers for the cam. What a beautiful sight from a beautiful young girl! ’til next week….

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