“I’m very open sexually” claims 23 yr old Los Angeles based Pinay after meeting in park; receives blinding facial less than 1 hour later

Ok, first of all, let me say this up front: This will probably be the only episode this year that isn’t actually filmed in the Philippines. We tried a few Filipina-Americans in past years, and got mixed responses from you guys, but since some did seem to enjoy them, we decided to try another. Believe me when I tell you this, we were extremely picky this time. We wanted to be absolutely sure we could found a true, 100% Pinay, not some strange variation of questionable mix thereof.

Well guys, I am happy to say we got exactly what we were searching for. Meet Maya, a 23 yr old from Pampanga who moved to the US when she was ten. She’s got a terrific bubbly personality and when our Stateside patrolman Carson happened upon here in an LA park one afternoon, we knew we were in luck.

None too shy, Maya was super-friendly and easy-going, as most Filipinas are, and was more than happy to go with Carson to his apartment nearby for an “interview” about what it’s like being a Pinay in the US of A.

During her talk, she divulged quite a bit about herself, not the least of which being how open sexually she considers herself. Woah nelly, that was really all that needed to be said for our American-based poonhound. Within minutes of her disclosure, he had Maya undressing piece by piece for the camera.

She got down on the couch and rubbed her beautifully shaven pussy for us, without a hint of trepidation or hesitancy. I think being raised in the US has something to do with that. Despite what Maya said earlier, it’s our experience than your average Filipina in the Philippines is extremely timid and prudish when it comes to their sexuality and the exhibition thereof.

But not this girl. Oh no. She was all about showing off, if every possible way. After the pussy show, she wanted some cunt-licking done unto her, and our boy hastily obliged. Then she returned the favor by sucking a mean dick with fearsome tenacity and vigor, complete with eye-contact and slurpy noises for added boner-inducing effect.

Then she what so many of her countrywomen before her have done on this site: spread her legs and prepared to be penetrated. And penetrate Carson did, time and time again, while Maya moaned with unabashed horniness and pleasure. The view in doggy was the best for this writer. This American food fed Pinay boasted a wondrously round and bubbly butt, just perfect for slapping and spanking while it slaps back up against your pelvis from behind. Beautifully shaped and proportioned ass on this one.

More great rump-rapping ensued as she climbed aboard that pale pony and rode deep into the afternoon in heroic fashion. This girl really knew how to gyrate those nice wide hips of hers and bounce that ass off a guy’s thighs in cowgirl.

But what’s a good patrol and lay without a worthy finish? Oh, the finish. She sucked Carson’s peg-pole with even more ferocity than before and had him spurting cum in what seemed like mere seconds. A gushing blast so uncontrollable that it plastered her entire face and eye-lids, even after they agreed not to let it hit her eyes just minutes earlier. Now that was an ending!

Back to the PI next time, but hope you enjoyed this little diversion Westward!

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