Lyza: Mall Patrol

After having no luck with the trike, Tommy and I headed over to the local SM mall… always hotties to be found there. Problem is, finding them 1 at a time is rather difficult haha. If we were looking to pick up 3 or more girls at a time, then this would definitely be the place to do it! But as it were, finding one girl by herself ain’t easy. We did see a few prospects, but they high tailed it away from us when they saw the camera… all except Lyza that is.

Albeit quite shy, Lyza was ready, willing and eager to come spend some time with us for the day. We later find out she’s 24 with 1 kid, but don’t let that scare you off.. she has one hell of a tight body, and a real cute face to boot. I won’t lie, I was a little jealous of being stuck behind the camera while Tommy got to have fun with her. Enjoy this one fellas!

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