Mature Asian mom bares all in salacious hotel sex tape


The Mature Asian Mom Patrol

In the final days leading up to “Pasko” in the Philippines, or Christmas, as the rest of us know it, the influx of coming out of the woodwork to gain some extra holiday “consideration” reaches a fever pitch. Our Filipina philandering friend KB knows this better than anyone. He told me there were so many girls texting him in the past week or so that he had to change sim cards to thin the herd. One girl in particular, a 28 year old mature Asian mom named Mikaela, surprisingly was among the group. You see, through his circle of friends he had known her from the past but never was quite able to close the deal with her. Therefore, he all but forgot about her.

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But the holidays has a funny way of brightening people’s spirits and loosening their inhibitions. Getting loose was exactly what Mikaela did after a short trike ride to a sleazy short time motel with The King. This was one of those super cheesy places with fake gold everything, mirrors all over and porn looping on the TV. I’ve ever heard some of these places play old Trike Patrol episodes that used to be bootlegged in Quiapo. Fuckers, we want a cut from that!

The Action

Anyway, KB lets Mikaela tell us a little about her backstory, where she came from, how she got here, and what her hopes and dreams are. Once she starts shedding some clothes, you’ll see this bird is still in decent shape for someone who is a mature Asian mom already. She spreads her nicely Shaved Filipina Pussy for us while King zooms in close. Now, despite her hole being obviously well used inwards and out, it wasn’t bad enough for UNICEF to declare it a natural disaster area just yet. That said, any and all “relief aid” for this Pinay mother’s poor puki would be warmly welcomed. Being the kind and generous one especially around the holidays, KB found his inner Scrooge. He provided just the relief her warm & inviting poon-nanny was looking for. That relief came in the form of some tongue in the pussy and a thick white log of cock. It was comforting to her nonetheless….I think. No dirty deed goes unrewarded and Mikaela returned the favor in kind. That included copious amounts of sucking and fucking. It is the holiday’s after all, and giving is what is most important.

The Finish

Just like on the First Christmas, the best & final gift came from The King. After plowing this mature Asian mom cooch for the better part of an hour, KB withdrew his proud stallion and doused Mikaela’s stomach and torso in a deluge of cum. For a guy who get’s as much action as he does, the King sure can pack a wallop with his loads!
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