Maxine: 2-Ball in the Corner Pocket

Our resident tourist-turned-patrolman Jonas is back again this week with another LBFM video submission. In this episode, he snares a raunchy little spinner named Maxine from a seedy local pool hall known to be a hangout spot for freelancers. As is our credo here on Trike Patrol, we prefer to cut out the middle-men, i.e – the bars, if we can. Judging by our huge, off-the-street collection of personally plucked Pinay pussy here over the years, I’d say we do so quite well.

Now again, Jonas isn’t a professional camera expert or movie producer, he’s just an average, happy-go-lucky, pussy-chasing tourist like you and me. So this video he just shot picks up in the pool hall about 20 or 30 mins after he met Maxine and had played a few rounds and drank a few drinks with her already. She’s a no-nonsense girl you’ll see, who happily departs with him to find a trike for transport to a boom-boom room.

One of things you’ll love when you get here is just how casual it all is. It’s like nothing. You meet girl. Talk with girl. Girl leaves with you. You fuck girl. So easy a caveman could do it. Nothing complicated or tricky about it. It’s almost scary and alarming how easy it is the first few times you do it. These girls just live by the seats of their panties and, despite all of the uber-Catholic bullshit here, are none too slow in removing them for you or any other swinging dick who walks in. An easygoing, respectful attitude, open mind and reasonably open wallet don’t hurt your chances either.

Jonas has Maxine give us a little bio about herself (fav position: ANY position!) and then strip down and dance on the bed. Nice to know about the girl and watch her some before you screw her, just like you would do in real life while mongering. Once she’s fully naked, you’ll see her nice firm spinner body with smallish, perky tits and a neatly trimmed box. Hinting earlier about prior bargirl work, Maxine isn’t shy to the camera at all and really knows how to move that slim bod of hers. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of your Fields Ave junkies know exactly where she works or even screwed her yourselves. Some of these hardcore ones get around…..ohh yeah, like a record!

Maxine gobbles on Jonas’ stumpy chode like a vet also; not a mere nibbler & kisser type. Once he stuffs her minge full of cock, she fucks like a pro too. Great view of her sweet heart-shaped ass from behind as Jonas plows her in doggy. But again, he goes with the 1980’s porno cum-shot splooging on the stomach. Man, I understand force of habit, but we gotta work on that still. If any of you out there think you can do better, by all means, we’re open to member submissions*—-that’s what Jonas was—-so feel free to contact us. Trike Patrol has always been for Mongers, by Mongers since Day 1 and will continue to be so. Not too shabby Jonas, thanks, and hope you’re enjoying the rest of your vacation in LBFM land!

*Certain requirements do apply. Inquire via Contact page.

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