Alluringly cute and firm, 18 yr old Filipina darling with naturally tufted private area is filmed behaving badly w/ older guy

If you’re one of our winter-chilled friends back in the U.S of A, where 48 out of 50 states now have snow of the ground, we feel for ya. As the only public service we know how to provide, here’s a hot little number named Miray that is sure to create warming sensations below the belt and evoke happy heated thoughts in the mind.

I seriously doubt you can squeeze much more LBFM goodness into such a tight and compact lil’ package as Miray’s here. Big thanks again to our resident Pussy Patrolling Postman, Tourist Bob, for putting his sticky, slimy stamp on this one!

Stay warm my friends, and while the mail may be slowed where you are by Ol’ Man Winter, you can still count on consistent loads being dropped off here on Trike Patrol!

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