Pinay scandal video ends with cum in naughty girl’s mouth


The Patrol

So this past weekend, my Pinay Scandal Video aspirations took me down to Cebu. Figured I’d try to see something different for a change. While I was taking in the “scenery” at one of those huge malls there, I happened to notice an irresistibly cute Pinay be-bopping through the mall in her high heels and denim skirt. So naturally, I followed her a bit; at first, just to observe her actions and ascertain if she was “of the Trike Patrol kind”. Was she ever! A short chit-chat and it was plain to see she was open to all sorts of games. We stopped in an arcade initially, and while she shot hoops and thumbed joysticks, I took shots of my own—–of her legs and panties! What an irresistibly adorable Filipina.

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The Pick-Up

After that, we sat in the mall courtyard for a drink and more get-to-know-yas. We exchanged cell numbers and instant messenger IDs, then said our good-byes for that night. I could tell this cute Filipina was up for more fun & games. However, it was clear that she was trying to play it cool and not come off like an easy one. Well, either that or she had some other arrangement to attend to. The next day, we met up online and did the webcam chat thing. As expected, she said wanted to meet up with me again. Yes! I think the time for a new Pinay scandal video is near!

The Pinay Scandal Video

So I waited for her in a local billiard hall and she showed up looking sexier than yesterday for me. We shot a few games of pool before grabbing a bite to eat and heading back to the hotel. Once we got there, Zel showed off her true gaming skills. The way this cute Pinay stroked my cock when it wasn’t in her mouth told me this was no amateur player. She sported a surprisingly luscious set of tits for such a Petite Filipina girl too. That tongue-ring she’s wearing wasn’t just for looks either. Zel was serious about her craft and she wanted me to know it! Lucky for you, it’s now on Trike Patrol. So the rest of the World will know it too!  I’m sure you’ll love this Pinay scandal video as much as I did!
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