Puzzling: 25 yr old Pinay, self-identifies as lesbian but again caught on camera savoring white penis

Happy Friday guys.

The business of today is from our long-time Patrolman Mr. X. In this latest offering, he filmed the real-life Filipina lesbian Alexis once again. If you remember from her first scene, White Dick for the Dyke Chick, this true-blue pussy-lover sheepishly admitted to enjoying penis now and then.

Well that was then and this is now.

We present to you once again, Alexis, a fervent rug-muncher who truly does savor cock when she gets it. She wasn’t much on small-talk this time, and probably had girlfriend drama on her mind, but once Mr. X unleashed the peen on her, she got lost in the moment and showed us once more how much of an occasional dong-demon she really is.

Just goes to show, you can self-identify as whatever you wish, but if you’re a Filipina on Trike Patrol, you’re getting DICKED right in your fucking pussy!

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