Shakira: Wherever, Whoever

This week’s end-of-year episode delivered by Jonas is a perfect summarization of the type of day any one of us can easily have in the Philippines while there on holiday. Everything about it, the trike ride, the lovely young girl, hanging out amidst the raucous nightlife and the subsequent trip back to the hotel for boom-boom really captures the essence of what Trike Patrol is all about and what we strive to bring you in our ever-growing compilation of LBFM encounters caught on tape.

We hope this year has been as fruitful and exciting as it has been for us bringing you new Trike Patrol’s each week. We also wish all of our members a safe and Happy New Year in 2013 with many pleasurable and thrilling moments ahead, both here on our site and in your own lives, wherever your travels may take you. Along with the sweet & sexy Filipinas we bring you, we also like to think our site is about living our lives to the fullest and enjoying what we have in front of us. If more people lived by such a philosophy, the World would probably be a happier place.

While enjoying our site and all of the future patrol’s we have still to ride on in 2013, we urge you to also take a few steps out of your comfort zones in the coming year and seek out new frontiers for enjoyment and fulfillment. To those that already do, just keep doing what you’re doing; it’s the only way to live when it all comes down to it.

There’s a cartoon out there somewhere depicting a Dalai Lama type of character atop a mountain shrine somewhere, with a backpacking foreign tourist who trekked to the apex seeking the meaning of life. In it, the Dalai Lama says something like, “Life is filled with pain & suffering……..get all the pussy you can.” That is pretty much Trike Patrol’s New Year’s message for you guys; now and into the future as long as you can do it.

So enjoy this week’s patrol with sexy sassy young Shakira here guys (she’s a real fire-plug!), and rest assured that there’s many many more LBFM’s to be corralled by our 3-wheeled pussy chariot this coming year on your favorite Filipina website!

Happy 2013 guys!

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