Skinny & trashy, this 20 yr old karaoke singer shows up to tourist’s Manila hotel in full slutwear; claims having sex w/ foreigners “all the time”.

Hi guys, Mr. X back here again with a new Trike Patrol for you. You might remember me from such past patrol’s as “Roseanne the Manila Killah” and “Diana the Cum Guzzler”. If you know anything about me you know I love my girls raw, rough and nasty. This ain’t the fuckin’ dating game here boys. I come for one thing and one thing only; hardcore sex with the sluttiest LBFMs I can find. Everyone needs a style and that is mine.

This particular catch I found while browsing around the KTV/karaoke joint district in Manila. There, you’ll find countless little karaoke bars mostly catering to Asian men, as you’ll notice the Japanese and Korean signs everywhere in neon. But don’t let that stop you from invadin’ their territory and scooping up a hot piece of ass outta there. Lord knows, they’ve sure as fuck invaded the hell outta our Westerner territory in that dusty little town up north of here in the past few years.

So from time to time I’ll just show up down here in Manila and check out the latest offerings in this scene and that’s exactly what I did on this particular night. I hit 4 or 5 joints until I found one that met my gold slut standard. A skinny spinner type with short hair and very trashy way about her. Promised all kinds of nasty in the bar so I took her with me and we had a few drinks before back to hotel. Here’s her specs:

Name: Naomi
Age: 20
From: Cavite
Hobbies: “anything”, singing karaoke, dancing, singing, drinking
Favorite Drinks: San Miguel Light and buko juice
Favorite Food: hotdog and egg with peanuts and mayonnaise (wtf?)
Boyfriend: none
Ideal man: handsome
Sex w/ Foreigners?: all the time
Greatest fantasy: Sex on The Moon

This girl came fully prepared with her own slut-wear and got all dressed up for me to film smashing her. First, she started by singing me some Tagalog song along with music from my laptop. Then, she laid on the bed and played with herself to get me excited. Loved how she spread that pussy wide open to show me that pink. She bobbed my knob next, making sure she kept flogging it with her hand as she sucked. Good little barslut. Just how I like it.

I thrashed her wet LFBM cunt for a nice little while before jizzing all over her stomach and chest area. She gave me some crude lessons in Tagalog for some of the dirty words. Most I already knew, but it’s cute she wanted to help. Overall, a good Filipina to bust a nut with on a random excursion to the City. Experiences like these with Naomi here are what keep me coming back every time!

’til next time,
Mr. X

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