Slender Pinay from Laguna, 19, approached on dark rainy AC street by creepy European tourist; agrees to trike ride and MUCH more!

On this dark damp evening in Smutsville, Philippines, our resident patrolman Jonas set out on a lil’ moonlit LBFM hunt after a short rainstorm. Before even making it to the corner to hail a trike, Jonas runs into this gorgeous slender long-haired beauty walking down the dark backstreet near his hotel.

As most Filipinas do, she was walking with her nose buried in her cell phone. She was surely texting her local bf/gf or calculating just how much she’d need to earn this evening to take care of the important things in her life; you know, like new clothes or treating her friends to a Happy Hornet meal.

Well lucky for the both of them, fate had all interests arranged to be met this evening and directed them along each others’ path. Jonas wanted a hot young piece of Pinay snatch and Rhian needed a meal and some spending money. Everyone goes home happy here if they try.

So Jonas treated Rhian to a nice hearty meal at a local eatery and after she told her local bf/gf on the phone she’d be home a little later, they went right back down the street they came to square things up in Jonas’ room. This is just the way things work in this town. If only more people got along like this, the World would be a better place for sure.

Once back inside the hotel room, Jonas had an “ol’ regular” friend of his get more info for us about this lovely doll of a darling he snared:

Name: Rhian
Age: 19
Province: Laguna
Virginity: Lost it “3 weeks ago”
Boyfriend? I don’t know him but we “fack!”
Hobbies: Watching TV, song & dance

Next Rhian stripped off her clothes slowly while dancing on the bed for us. You’ll see what an impeccable young body she has with her lovely lighter skin, trim and slim waist and stomach and beautiful ripe little breasts. This young lass is the total package for just about any horny whoremongerin’ bastard, regardless of the standard.

As Jonas begins stuffing this beautiful LBFM in a variety of positions, I had to give him credit for not blowing his load a lot sooner. I almost shot mine just watching and writing about it. Rhian’s sweet looking pussy and sexy tight mid-section alone is enough to prompt my nuttage from almost boiling over. This is a quality Pinay “tour guide” if there ever was one and I hope he didn’t ruin her with that cream-pie at the end because I’d like to track her down myself for a ride of my own!

Remember, in this place: You never lose your girl, you just lose your turn!

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