Tantalizing 23 yr old Pinay scooped up outside Angeles City mall in hot-pink mini dress; later plowed on camera by sleazy European guy

We show all kinds of girls here on Trike Patrol, don’t we? Fat ones, skinny ones, light ones, dark ones, young ones, old ones. We pride ourselves on being probably the only equal opportunity puki poachers in the Philippines. For certain, we have never been accused of only going after stunners. In fact, quite the opposite. If there’s one criticism we routinely hear, it’s that we should have more hot young girls here. While we don’t totally disagree with that, we do usually mention the harsh reality of things here to those critics. This ain’t Southern California or Eastern Europe, my friends. Finding, fucking and filming a girl in the Philippines has it’s own unique complexities that are seldom found elsewhere.

After all, the girl has to A) be willing to fuck a complete stranger and B) agree to be filmed doing it. A) is not so hard; it’s part B) that is more difficult. Due, large in part, to the suffocating (and dysfunctional I might add) social effects of centuries under the cloak of Roman Catholicism (thanks Spaniards), most girls here have quite rigid inhibitions to overcome; far moreso than girls in the West do about all things sexual or “pornographic”. Couple that with the Filipino culture’s hopeless obsession with frivolous gossip and gawking over sexual “skandal”, a society trapped in the prudishness of adolescence is made. So for those reasons and more, letting yourself be filmed doing your dirty work behind closed doors is a big step for the average Pinay girl, lest we mention, a “hot” one.

Not making excuses here, but this just the way it is. There’s a reason only 1 Filipina website has been updating regularly with new videos since 2006 and others have came, went or remained static with little to nothing new. It’s because if you’re waiting to only film stunners here, you might be waiting a long time….and waiting a long time doesn’t make for a steadily updated website.

Thus, we choose to get what we can get, in the name of providing members with something new each week. We feel, and the facts support this, that we are one-of-a-kind in doing so from the Philippines. Maybe only the true-blue Filipina addicts will appreciate this, and the casual porn-consuming passers-by may not, but we will continue to do what we do best; provide exclusively filmed episodes of amateur Filipina girls we’ve met, picked up and fucked silly on camera week after week, regardless of how “hot” they may or may not be by the conventional meters. To put it plainly, this is a site about Filipinas more than it is a site about “Hot Chicks”.

Now, about everything I just wrote above: You may totally disregard it all ahead of viewing this week’s episode from Jonas. He managed to throw our come-as-they-may thinking out the window and land himself a gloriously smoking hot piece of young Filipina ass. From the tight pink dress and cute stuffed-toy backpack, to the tantalizing titty-teasing trike ride back to the hotel, to the unearthly alluring bedside undressing, and the scintillating subsequent sex that follows, we think you’ll agree that Mirriam here, is the hottest catch we’ve managed in quite some time. Some girls were just born to fuck and make men weak watching. This is one of those girls and we caught her on camera doing it! Enjoy the ride.

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